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Montage Of Stills From Persona by Ingmar Bergman

3 years ago

What can you say? Music by Bach.

"Laughter is a weapon" - Joan Rivers a tribute

3 years ago

A short tribute spliced from the opening minutes of 'A Piece of Work' documentary. (It is important for everyone to understand that this was an entirely remarkable woman.)

Montage of stills from ending of Interiors by Woody Allen

3 years ago

I love the way the three women arrange themselves in this final coda. And then of course, darkness slowly falls and they are consumed... I have added the music by Bach.

Leisure by W H Davies (We have no time to stop and stare)

4 years ago

I do not own copyright - Educational use only.

Sonnet 130 (My mistress eyes...) by William Shakespeare

4 years ago

Contemporary Reading of poem. I do not own copyright.

The Insusceptibles by Adrienne Rich

4 years ago

A very beautiful early poem by Adrienne Rich which captures the beauty, uniqueness and astonishment of early love. I always think this special poem deserves to be better known. Read beautifully...

Derek draws a cat (Season 2) clip

4 years ago

Just a tiny 29 second splash of comedy gold from Derek season 2, starring Ricky Gervais. No copyright infringement intended.

Of Mice and Men Social & Historical Background

4 years ago

1930s America, the Great Depression and farm labourers.

AQA Place poetry Anthology: Carousel revision video of all poems being read consecutively

5 years ago

Educational purposes only. I do not own copyright.