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New York terror suspect's mother: My son is not a terrorist - BBC News

42 minutes ago

The mother of the man accused of killing eight people in a terror attack in New York has said she believes her son is innocent. The BBC's Will Vernon tracked ...

The first man to star in a L’Oreal make-up advert - BBC News

3 hours ago

Gary, aka 'The Plastic Boy', is an Instagram beauty blogger with more than 75,0000 followers. He does make-up demonstration videos and became the first man ...

Trump: 'North Korea supported acts of international terrorism'- BBC News

6 hours ago

US President Donald Trump has designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, triggering new sanctions against Kim Jong-un's regime. Please ...

Mugabe 'let wife usurp power' - BBC News

23 hours ago

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party is set to begin impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday. The announcement came after a ...

President Steinmeier: Germany Faces Unprecedented situation - BBC News

1 day ago

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on the failed Talks on forming a coalition government in Germany, leaving Angela Merkel facing her biggest ...

Germany's Merkel responds to coalition talks breakdown - BBC News

1 day ago

The German chancellor is facing her biggest challenge in 12 years after the FDP pulled out of coalition talks. The parties involved in the talks are reported to be ...

Why do so many US women die giving birth? - BBC News

1 day ago

While progress has been made to curb death rates among women in other countries, the US has seen an increase since the year 2000. For the BBC's America ...

Inside Albu Kamal: Will the collapse of IS in Syria strengthen the Iranian influence? - BBC News

1 day ago

Reports say the Syrian military and its allies have captured the border city of Albu Kamal, the Islamic State group's last urban stronghold in the country.

Why is Zimbabwe in such a bad way? - BBC News

1 day ago

The recent history of a country in turmoil. Please subscribe HERE World In Pictures ...

Charles Manson dies after four decades in prison - BBC News

1 day ago

Charles Manson was the head of a cult, which he directed to commit murders. In 1969, he sent his followers, known as the Manson family, to kill seven people.

Battle to restore Mexico's quake-hit waterfall - BBC News

1 day ago

After Mexico's devastating earthquake in September, locals could not afford to let the Agua Azul waterfall run dry, and decided to take matters into their own ...

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Full Speech: Mugabe vows to stay on - BBC News

2 days ago

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe goes on national TV and vows to stay on as president, despite pressure for him to resign Please subscribe HERE ...

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to make announcement - BBC News

2 days ago

Zimbabwe's ruling party has sacked Robert Mugabe as its leader, as pressure intensifies for him to step down as president. Zanu-PF has also given Mr Mugabe, ...

The dream of Egypt’s Tuthmosis IV in 360 Video - BBC News

2 days ago

A 360 degree virtual tour around the statue of the Sphinx temple and the pyramids of Giza, telling the story of a 'dream'that Egyptian archaeologists are working ...

Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader - BBC News

2 days ago

Zimbabwe's ruling party has sacked President Robert Mugabe as its leader. Zanu-PF has appointed ex-vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had been ...

US displays military might near Korea - BBC News

2 days ago

As President Trump continues his war of words with North Korea, the US continues a military build-up in the region. Rupert Wingfield-Hayes reports from on ...

first Barbie with a hijab - BBC News

2 days ago

The doll has been released to honour the American fencer, who became the first US woman to wear the Islamic headscarf while competing at the Olympics.

Zimbabwe crisis: 'People sense Robert Mugabe is gone' - BBC News

3 days ago

Jubilant scenes are unfolding on the streets of Zimbabwe's capital Harare, as protests demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe have turned to a ...

legacy of Mafia boss Toto Riina - BBC News

3 days ago

Notorious Sicilian Mafia "boss of all bosses" Salvatore "Toto" Riina has died from cancer in jail, aged 87. Riina was serving 26 life sentences and is believed to ...

Saad Hariri, Lebanon PM, to return to Beirut 'in coming days' - BBC News

3 days ago

Lebanese PM Saad Hariri has said he will return to Beirut in the coming days, and will then clarify his shock decision to resign. He quit two weeks ago during a ...

Zimbabwe crisis: Mugabe 'Not Prepared to Break the Constitution by Leaving Office' - BBC News

3 days ago

Mr Mugabe, 93, had been under house arrest since the army takeover on Wednesday, but on Friday he made his first public appearance. He spoke only to open ...