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How to Cut Perfect Holes: 4 Methods

1 month ago

Cutting nice round holes isn't difficult. Here are 4 great methods. For $50 off a premium Casper mattress, go to and use promo code: WWMM! Terms and conditions apply....

5 Woodworking Shop Essentials. (DON'T RUN OUT OF THESE!)

2 months ago

Keep your workflow uninterrupted by making sure your shop is stocked with these 5 woodworking essentials. For $50 off a premium Casper mattress, go to and use promo...

What projects are in The Weekend Woodworker? And more FAQ

3 months ago

In this live show, I'm answering the most common questions about my new course, The Weekend Woodworker. To join the course head over to Have you now stopped...

I built my own coffin

3 months ago

A coffin? Well, why not! Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order▻ Use promo code WWMM. THE WEEKEND WOODWORKER opens October 25 for 5 DAYS ONLY. Get on the...

6 Keys to Shop Safety | WOODWORKING BASICS

3 months ago

GET ON THE WEEKEND WOODWORKER WAITING LIST ▻▻ Course launches on October 25th! In this video I share the 6 most important things to help keep you safe...

Mobile Tablesaw Cart | Woodworking shop project

4 months ago

Start your 7 day free trial with Videoblocks: I designed this mobile cart for the new saw I'll be using in my upcoming woodworking course, The Weekend...

Aggravation Board Game | Woodworking Project

4 months ago

Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order▻ Use promo code WWMM. Free plans and more about this project▻ MAKERS CARE 2017 IS...

Running Medals Display Rack | Woodworking Project

5 months ago

Kind of a specialized project, but one that I've been needing. I hope you enjoy the video! Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order▻ Use promo code WWMM. DOWNLOAD...

🔴 Answering Every Woodworking Question Ever | WWMM LIVE

6 months ago

In this livestream, I answer all the woodworking questions ever asked ever. FREE GUIDE! HOW TO EQUIP YOUR SHOP FOR UNDER $1000 ➤

You don't have to spend a fortune setting up a wood shop | MERE MINUTES VLOG

6 months ago

FREE DOWNLOAD▻ Check out TUBE TRENDS, Wyatt's shop▻ MAKERS CARE 2017! Sign up for the...

What Can You Do With a Miter Saw? Should You Get One? | WOODWORKING BASICS

6 months ago

Learn what you need to know to get started using a miter saw for woodworking. This week's sponsor ▻ Hire skilled pros for absolutely anything at today. THE WEEKEND...

🔴 Where are they now? Chess board, purple bench and more! WWMM LIVE

6 months ago

In this livestream, I show some of my older projects and see what they look like now. PLUS, Check out Wyatt's new store for people who love YouTube ➤

How to reinforce miter joints with super-strong splines. Simple woodworking jig.

6 months ago

Adding splines to frame corners is a great way to strengthen the miters. Here is an alternative method for even extra strength! ▻Get $50 off your first Casper mattress order:

Top 3 things people expect when cutting lumber | SPONSORED BY KREG

6 months ago

Thank you for watching! The Kreg ACCU-CUT transforms your circular saw into a high-performance, track-guided cutting system while the RIP-CUT turns an ordinary circular saw into a precision...

My wacky frame fell off the wall! | MERE MINUTES VLOG

7 months ago

Welcome to Mere Minutes! I thought I'd try to bring it over here to my main channel. This week, I'm talking about how I hung my corner picture frames and why one of them fell off the wall....

🔴 Tool Maintenance Tips. WWMM Live!

7 months ago

I asked for your tool maintenance tips on Patreon and Twitter. Here are some of your answers and here are a couple things I recommend ➤ My sharpening stone thing. I LOVE THIS TOOL! Work...

Wrap Around Corner Picture Frames | STEP IT UP Woodworking

7 months ago

One of these crazy picture frames wraps around the corner of a wall and the other one set into an inside corner. These were really a challenge to make, but I love the way they turned out. And...

🔴 WWMM Live! New Patreon hangouts, newsletter reminder and more updates

7 months ago

New $10 Patreon level! This includes a monthly hangout to chat about all things woodworking: Thank you all for filling out the survey! We got plenty of responses...

🔴 WWMM LIVE: Lots more sawing and cutting tips

7 months ago

Follow up to today's video, 5 Woodworking Cuts You Need to Know How to Make ▻ SUPPORT WWMM ON PATREON ▻ Second channel, HGMM ▻▻...

5 Woodworking Cuts You Need to Know How to Make | WOODWORKING BASICS

7 months ago

Sometimes the terminology gets confusing, so in this BASICS episode, I'll break down the 5 basic types of woodworking cuts and how to make them. IMPORTANT LINKS ▻▻ ▻Get $50 off your first...

🔴 WWMM LIVE Shop Tour

8 months ago

Had a great time answering the WWMM Patron questions! We'll keep these live streams up. Check out our patreon feed for upcoming topics and to ask your questions: