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'Black Panther' breaking records

3 hours ago

The latest Marvel movie has a black director, mostly black cast and multimillion-dollar budget.

Fergie says her version of the national anthem 'didn't strike intended tone'

3 hours ago

The Grammy winner said she tried her best singing the song during the NBA All-Star game.

Trump takes to Twitter, calling Oprah Winfrey 'insecure'

3 hours ago

In his tweets, the president called her questions during a sitdown with voters "biased."

School shooting suspect 'threatened' girl he'd briefly dated: Student

3 hours ago

Ariana Lopez said she and friends made multiple reports to school officials about Nikolas Cruz.

Students protest outside White House after deadly school shooting

4 hours ago

Trump's press secretary said he supports efforts to improve the federal background check system.

School shooting survivors announce march on Washington

13 hours ago

Survivors of the Florida shooting are demanding changes in gun-control legislation from politicians under the "never again" movement and will meet with state lawmakers.

Nearly two dozen family members kicked off cruise after brawl with security

14 hours ago

On the last day aboard the Carnival Legend cruise ship, one large family brawled with security personnel as passengers attempted to film it.

Family who took in alleged shooter speaks out

14 hours ago

James and Kimberly Snead, along with their lawyer Jim Lewis, talk to "GMA" about alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, who had been living with them since Thanksgiving after his mom died.

How to protect yourself from the hidden dangers of a faulty furnace

14 hours ago

ABC News' Gio Benitez discusses what to know and how to protect yourself against potential carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty furnaces this winter.

LeBron James responds to Fox News host's comments on political opinions

15 hours ago

Fox News host Laura Ingraham said LeBron James should keep political commentary to himself or "shut up and dribble."

Trump says FBI missed signals from Florida shooter due to Russia probe

15 hours ago

President Trump tweeted that the "FBI missed many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter," because the agency is "trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign."

Increasing number of children killed by flu epidemic

15 hours ago

The CDC has an update showing an increase in the number of children who have died due to the flu virus.

The family who gave Nikolas Cruz a home reveals more shocking details

1 day ago

Gun owners themselves, the Sneads say they allowed Cruz to keep a handful of weapons in a locked gun cabinet. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on http://abcnews...

Survivors of the Parkland school shooting demand change

1 day ago

The student-led group "Never Again" is now planning a trip to Tallahassee to meet with lawmakers face-to-face.

Passengers break out into a brawl on a Carnival Cruise ship

1 day ago

Video footage taken on the ship shows security guards kicking passengers involved in the fight.

A New York firefighter honors shooting victims by performing acts of kindness

1 day ago

Tommy Maher will be heading to Florida in the coming weeks to honor the lives lost in Parkland.

Trump blasts the FBI over Florida school shooting and Russia investigation

2 days ago

The president tweeted that the FBI missed warnings about the alleged Florida shooter due to "spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion."

New information on alleged gunman in Florida school massacre

2 days ago

A couple responsible for caring for Nikolas Cruz after his mother's death are calling him "a monster."

War of words between LeBron James and Laura Ingraham

2 days ago

The NBA star took issue with the Fox News host's "shut up and dribble" comment.

Attorneys for the alleged Parkland school shooter plead to avoid the death penalty

2 days ago

A report from the Department of Children and Family Services shows the alleged shooter had a history of autism, ADHD and depression.

Survivors Of The Parkland School Shooting Speak Out

2 days ago

The students called out politicians for taking money from the NRA and demanded action on gun control. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on