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70% Of Americans Want Stricter Laws For Assault Weapons

19 minutes ago

A new poll says 70% of Americans support stricter laws on assault weapons. That's 87% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans. Public opinion is trending toward tougher gun laws following the deadly...

CoverGirl's First Ever Model With Vitiligo in a Stunning New Ad Is Making Waves

34 minutes ago

Amy Deanna is CoverGirl's first-ever model with vitiligo, and she says it's a huge move toward making the beauty industry more welcoming. Her commercial launched as part of CoverGirl's #IAmWhatIMak...

What Successful Millenials Are Doing Differently

2 hours ago

Millennials are having a rough go of it, but some are making the best of a bad situation. Here are a few things they're doing right. This video was produced by YT Wochit...

White Supremacist Sues Twitter For Banning His Account

2 hours ago

Jared Taylor, the founder of white supremacist site American Renaissance, is suing Twitter for banning his account. Taylor and his website previously held Twitter's blue checkmark, but in mid-Decem... | Wendy Williams takes time off from show for health reasons

2 hours ago

Talk show host Wendy Williams is she's taking three weeks off on doctor's orders. Her doctor told her to take the break to deal with her Graves' Disease and hyperthyroidism. On Wednesday, she...

Weed VS Booze: Which Is Worse For You?

3 hours ago

If you've long wondered about the debate between marijuana and alcohol, look no further. There appears to be a clear winner when it comes to your health.

Brain Functionality Does Not Have A "Normal" Setting

3 hours ago

Researchers have discovered there is no 'normal' state of brain functioning. “There's a level of variability in every one of our behaviors... Any behavior is neither solely negative or...

Podcasts Are Made Easy With This App

3 hours ago

Professional-sounding podcasts are usually expensive to produce, because of equipment and editing software. Fortunately, Mike Mignano, the co-founder and CEO of Anchor he created a tool that...

Finally Settled? Most Antidepressants Appear To Work After All

3 hours ago

It's official--for now, at least. A new meta-analysis study shows antidepressants actually work. Researchers found 21 common antidepressants work better than a placebo. All of the drugs tested...

Death Toll Climbs As Bombardment Of Ghouta Continues For Fifth Consecutive Day

3 hours ago

On Thursday, the bombardment of Syria's eastern Ghouta continued for the fifth straight day, as the United Nations pleaded for a ceasefire to bring an end to one of the fiercest air assaults...

NRA Uses 'Parks And Rec' GIF Creators Are Angry

4 hours ago

The NRA and the creator of "Parks and Rec' are having a disagreement. The NRA used a photo of the show's main character Leslie Knope to thank their spokesperson Dana Loesch... After she represented...

The One Word Billy Graham Wants On His Tombstone

4 hours ago

Billy Graham was famous for evangelizing crusades and counseling U.S. presidents. But his son Franklin Graham says his father always remembered his humble roots. Graham's sermons reached hundreds...

Cape Town Combats 'Day Zero' With An Album Of 2-Minute Shower Songs

4 hours ago

According to a report by Business Insider, South Africa's Cape Town has become the first major city on earth to face the possibility of running out of water, and has devised a musical solution...

What Not To Do In The Morning

4 hours ago

When waking up there are several things not to do. Hitting the snooze button causes you to fall back into a deep sleep after waking up making you groggy. It is also recommended not to curl...

Princess Grace Kelly’s Grandson Engaged

4 hours ago

There is another royal wedding in the works! Louis Ducruet, the son of Monaco's Princess Stéphanie and her ex-husband Daniel Ducruet, is engaged to his college sweetheart, Marie Chevallier....

Russia Reportedly Deploying Advanced Jet In Syria

5 hours ago

According to a Business Insider report, videos on social media appear to show Russia's Su-57, a prototype of a new, fifth-generation fighter jet, operating in Syria that could serve as a direct...

Researchers Find Proof That Gun Control Works

5 hours ago

Studies show that there almost just as many guns as there are people in the United States. Ever since the horrific mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High gun regulations are being criticize...

United Nations Mulls Vote On Temporary Ceasefire In Syria's Eastern Ghouta

5 hours ago

On Thursday, UN security council members may vote on a temporary ceasefire for Syria's besieged Eastern Ghouta region, just one day after the UN's chief described the plight of the civilians...

SkyWise Weather for the Pacific

6 hours ago

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SkyWise Weather for the Southwest

6 hours ago

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SkyWise Weather for the Midwest

7 hours ago

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