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Instant Meditation - No Slow-Mow

4 days ago

Experience without Reflection. Just be. Music - "Plasticable" DJ Noj

Instant Meditation - Funky Brain Bonk

2 weeks ago

Bonk your brain but funking good. Music: A Dash of Nasty by DJ Noj

Must Dance

3 weeks ago

Moved to Move by Music.

What’s So Great About Hamlet in Under 2 Minutes!

3 weeks ago

For a longer version check out the “What's So Great About It?” Blog and Podcast -

How To Make People Like You - Ep. 1

3 weeks ago

Some tips for a good first impression.

Vlog Therapy - Ep. 1: Mood Manipulation

4 weeks ago

Can I adjust video to adjust my mood.

Clues from the Future

1 month ago

Signs of future advancements.

Firegami - Ep. 1 - The Discovery of Firegami

1 month ago

Firegami - Fire Origami - the art of folding paper and then lighting it on fire to make beautifully shaped ashes.

The Case Against Me - I Challenge My Accuser

2 months ago

I was wrongly accused of plagiarism and nearly expelled so I challenge my accuser to try to come up with a different result.

Ask A Pink Bunny Anything #10: The Great Pink Bunny Hug

2 months ago

How to hug like the Great Pink Bunny.

My Famous Advice - Ep. 2 - Acceptance Speech Advice

2 months ago

For Movie Magicians, primarily.

My Famous Advice - Ep. 1 - Series Pilot - Fame Advice - Tip #1 - Don't Be A D**k To Your Fans

2 months ago

May include topics other than fame, but that doesn't make the advice itself any less epic.

Weird Things I Do by Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich - Ep. 1

2 months ago

Season 1 Episode 1 - Weird To The Last Drop.

Lucid Daydreaming: Ego Check

2 months ago

What in the crazy F**K???

Flight of the Handcraft

2 months ago

First Wave.

A Question For Shakespeare: Why Didn’t Romeo & Juliet Already Know Each Other?

2 months ago

Wouldn't the identity of every member of the family of your mortal enemy be common knowledge? Besides Romeo crashes a party at Juliet's house!

Psychedelic Taste Test #57: Regresso - Reclaim Your Youth

3 months ago

It really takes you back.

Who You Callin' Seymour?

3 months ago

Spoken word poem about perspective, education and human understanding in a minute and four seconds by GBU.