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Who You Callin' Seymour?

2 days ago

Spoken word poem about perspective, education and human understanding in a minute and four seconds by GBU.

Psychedelic Taste Test #55: Comb of Beardliness

4 weeks ago

In your face, mustache pen!

3 Jokes by GBU

4 weeks ago

Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich, at your service.

Strange Games - Knife Play

1 month ago

[w/ title display] Watch the clip and then answer the question: Question: Whose name doesn't get mentioned? Jay Sybil Rebecca Damian April Sam Then watch the next clip and answer those...

Strange Games - 86'd

1 month ago

[w/ title display] Watch the clip and answer the questions. Question: What do all the character names mentioned have in common? And what name doesn't conform to this pattern? Then watch...

Just Madness: Morning Sunshine

1 month ago

Just Madness. Justice served with a dollop of madness. Rehabilitation of a predator. Is it possibly? Is it likely?

Strange Games - Official Trailer [Discretion Advisory]

2 months ago

Ever wanted to see someone dead? Jay, a filmmaker, and Sybil, an executive, go missing. She is real. Find Her. Save Film! Don't. Get. Played. Watch. Play. Save Film. [Taken from excruciatingly...

My Happy Way

3 months ago

How I cope with the Human Condition. More at and the Inherently Happy podcast.

Launching the Loud Midnight Sun

4 months ago

Rocket launch in Rocket Town.

Be Happy

4 months ago

Remain Unruffled

5 months ago

Don't take the bait when someone yells at you, at least not right away.

Pulp Fiction Solved: What's in the Muthaf*ckin' Briefcase??

5 months ago

What is it and how did it get there? With evidence and sh*t! Also: A British person would readily recognize it because Camelot.

Cauliflower Power

8 months ago

Yum yum cauli yum!

Fun with Shaving

8 months ago

Various beard levels compared.

The Pink Elephant Speaks: The Return of the Pink Elephant!

9 months ago

He's back, you'll be fine.

The Pink Elephant Speaks: Greetings!

9 months ago

You're not loopy, just perceptive!

Psychedelic Taste Test #54: Hard Candy of Connection

9 months ago

WaterStrawMelonBerry flavored(?)

The Blinking Stink Monster is in the House!

9 months ago

My roommate invited it in and now there's no escape from it's murky, bitter soul!

Handshake Basics - Future Leaders Edition

10 months ago

With Sarah & Geoff.