Adult Swim Bump (8/11/17) Rick and Morty S3 E4 Update

8 months ago

Bad news Rick and Morty fans. After multiple delays for a third season, Adult Swim plans to air this bump at some point this week right before the big premiere. Do you think this was the right...


3 years ago

Bryce Williams has arrived to share with you his groundbreaking method to help your company, brand or product go viral online.

Scharpling of a Down

3 years ago


Kevin James Falling Down: The King of Queens

3 years ago

In conjunction with the upcoming release of Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, I have created the second part of my "Kevin James Falling Down" series. This part examines every moment where Kevin James...

Will my mom watch #TheSlap on NBC tonight?

3 years ago

I called up my mom to see if she would be tuning in to the new NBC television event "The Slap" tonight at 8/7c.

Holiday Presents

3 years ago

This year, I told a group of my friends that I would be sending them all the same present and to film themselves opening it. This is all of their reactions as they find out what this special...

Planes Fire and Rescue: John Lasseter's Director's Cut

3 years ago

A never before seen unreleased version of the 2014 Disney film: Planes Fire and Rescue, recut by director John Lasseter to fit his original vision of the film. Featuring the hit song: "Planes...


4 years ago

I made this video to help support Jeff Lynne to get into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. You can my your own #ELOchallenge video by recording yourself drinking a beverage that has a lot of electrolyt...


4 years ago

The worlds of art and cinema are most likely not prepared for this dramatic audial/visual media coming of age story. When young Trevor feels the stresses of life encroaching on his subconscious,...

Every Moment of Kevin James Falling in his Entire Film Career

5 years ago

A compilation of every moment of Kevin James falling down in a feature film from 2005 to 2012. For more information about this video, visit To view...