Russian FM spokesperson Zakharova holds weekly briefing

9 hours ago

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Tangled: RT tries to get clarification on press credentials removal

12 hours ago

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert has brushed off a question from RT about the withdrawal of its Congress credentials, and whether this contradicts her past vow that registration...

CrossTalk: Media Humiliated

12 hours ago

Trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low. But no one should be surprised and the media has itself to blame. This sad state of affairs is a self-inflicted wound and actually a conscious...

Red sleigh pushing the deer? Oregon firefighter performs rescue op on frozen lake

14 hours ago

Oregon firefighter rescues deer from ice COURTESY: L4262 SUNRIVER PROFESSIONAL FIREFIGHTERS RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!

Kremlin Cadet Ball: Fairy tale chance to experience grandeur of Russia's traditions

17 hours ago

Moscow holds International Kremlin Cadet Ball where pomp and splendor Girls in billowing dresses twirl across the dance floor, immaculately dressed young men line the hall in orderly rows....

Clashes between Israeli security forces and protesters in Palestine continue

17 hours ago

Clashes continued between Israeli security officers and Palestinian protesters in Ramallah, West Bank, on Tuesday, marking a sixth day of unrest as protesters continue to rally against the...

Hanukkah menorah lit in Berlin amid pro-Palestinian protest in city

18 hours ago

First candle of the large menorah lit in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to mark traditional start of Hanukkah. The celebration takes place in the same time when Berlin's pro-Palestinian...

Russian TU-22M3 bombers arrive home after Syrian mission

18 hours ago

Russia's Tupolev Tu-22M3 strike bombers arrived in Kaluga Region, Tuesday, after finishing their combat mission in Syria and successfully carrying out strikes on ISIS militants. Read latest...

Almost 200 protest Trump's Jerusalem decision in Pro-Palestinian rally in Berlin

18 hours ago

About 200 demonstrators with Palestinian flags took to central Berlin on Tuesday to vent their outrage at Washington's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A wave of...

China marks 80th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre

18 hours ago

China marks 80th anniversary of the massacre in the Chinese city of Nanjing which fell to Japanese forces on December 13, 1937. What followed was a massacre of war prisoners, soldiers and citizens....

Huge blaze engulfs exhibition building in Moscow

18 hours ago

Scaffolding surrounding one of the exhibition buildings at the permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park in Moscow have caught on fire on Tuesday. READ MORE:

AERIAL: Heavy floods hit northwest Italy, hundreds evacuated

1 day ago

At least 1000 people were evacuated following the flooding in Brescello's hamlet of Lentigione, Tuesday. The Lentigione flooding was reportedly caused by the overflowing of the Enza River...

‘US govt equates American people to enemy when it hides troops’ whereabouts’ – Ron Paul

1 day ago

President Trump has unveiled to Congress how many US troops are stationed abroad, only the biannual White House report ommitted some key figures: in the paragraphs talking about Afghanistan,...

Gas prices double as Austrian plant explosion sends shockwaves

1 day ago

One person has died, and more than a dozen people have been injured, after a gas explosion in Austria. The ensuing fire has now been put out. Technical problems are being blamed for the blaze....

‘Trump was wrong on Jerusalem’ – Israeli who witnessed Hamas rocket fire

1 day ago

The West Bank city of Bethlehem has remained turbulent since Donald Trump's announcement last week that he was recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital. READ MORE: ...

‘Europe doesn't need to be defended’ – political commentator on new EU defense bloc

1 day ago

Europe is looking to bolster its joint defences with PESCO - the Permanent Structured Co-operation Pact. 25 EU states have already signed up. PESCO comprises 18 projects in different spheres...

RAW: Russia & China conduct joint drills

1 day ago

Russian & Chinese law enforcement armed forces conducted a series of joint tactical training drills in the Chinese city of Yinchuan on Tuesday. The drills, named 'Cooperation-2017,' saw the...

Putin backs Russian athletes forced to compete in Olympics under neutral flag

1 day ago

Russian athletes, who are willing to take part in the upcoming Winter Games as neutrals, will have the full support of the Russian Olympic committee. The decision comes after the Olympic chiefs...

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Futures & Future of Cryptocurrencies (E1161)

1 day ago

Check Keiser Report website for more: In this episode of the Keiser Report from New York City, Max and Stacy discuss the introduction of bitcoin futures and what it...

‘Migrant camp ruins district’: Parisians threaten hunger strike if shelter not removed

1 day ago

Locals living in a district of Paris have written an open letter to President Macron, demanding a makeshift migrant camp be cleared from their area. They're threatening to go on hunger strike...

Clashes in Catalonian after holy relics seized by Spanish govt

1 day ago

Just a month after its unsuccessful move for independence, the Spanish region of Catalonia has once again been struck by violence. This time the issue is holy relics, seized by Spanish authorities,...