Warcraft Splurge Tricks

10 months ago

Warcraft Splurge Tricks is a video about warcraft tricks that are rare, not common. These clips are pretty much from only my replays and they might not be the best replays, but they sure are...

WoW Super Hacks part 1

10 months ago

Hacking WoW.

Warcraft 3 is gonna give it to ya

10 months ago

A video i recently made, it took me 4 hours just converting it. Yeah, those are Naruto characters if you're wondering, youtube made my video quality low but if you actually had the video file,...

Warcraft 3 Accelerated

10 months ago

Warcraft 3 Accelerated is the best Warcraft 3 video of all time. It is a combination of some of the best Warcraft 3 replays out there all fit into one video. It is fast paced for most people...

Randomest World of Warcraft Video EVER

10 months ago

Most random video ever. This video is literally about nothing except world of warcraft randomness. I don't even know why anyone would watch this video. This video is basically just here to...

Longest Deus Ex Glitch EVER!!!

5 years ago

This has to be the glitchiest NPC of ALL TIME!!! Difficulty: Give Me Deus Ex I honestly did not expect this to happen. I was just recording this whole scene because I thought this was a weird...

CataWoW [Instant Level 85] Private Server

7 years ago

Ironically, this is going to be the last video that I upload onto this account. I am going to start a new, from scratch account. Had a lot of fun making this video, so I will continue to make...


7 years ago

People (by people I mean 1 person) have been saying that this video is fake, that I edited the part when I cast the travel to moonglade spell, and cut in clips of me being back at base, but...

FASTEST Attack Speed EVER!!!

7 years ago

The fastest attack speed in world of warcraft possible!!! INSANE SPEEDS!!!!

All 4 World of Warcraft Cinematics

7 years ago

Cinematics from all 4 World of Warcraft games, vanilla WoW, the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.

100 Years of History in 2 Minutes

7 years ago

Yup, it's exactly 100 years of history in about 2 minutes. This shows a variety of the major events that happened during the past century, from disastrous WWII events to historical human achievemen...

World of Warcraft Secret Places

7 years ago

Awesome video of secret and hidden places in World of Warcraft. You'd either have to glitch your way into these areas, or hack your way into the areas. In the current version of WoW, I don't...

One Million Gryphons in Warcraft 3

8 years ago

Just me massing at least a million gryphons if not a billion, and then I attack the enemy with them. It's really laggy though. It's just an average video of me massing 1 million gryphons....

Play him off Call of Duty keyboard cat

8 years ago

Play him off keyboard cat, play off the modern warfare 2 nerd, crying because he doesn't like the game.

WoW Exploitation The Movie

9 years ago

It's a movie about the unknown places in WoW. It's a movie that will help you find out more about the world that you are involved in, and it will help answer some curious questions about the...

Samurai Champloo - Take me out

9 years ago

Just another Samurai Champloo AMV. It's my best AMV so far, in my opinion. It is an AMV about the last 3 episodes of the anime. Made by pwnwner.

Project Powder, gay name, fun game

9 years ago This video is about one race from Project Powder. There are three different game modes, but this just shows the most basic game mode, race mode. The two other modes...

Amazing People [Compilation]

9 years ago

This video shows amazing people doing amazing things. It shows people doing many different tricks, such as parkour tricks, penspinning, yo yo tricks, rollerblading tricks, and more! Music:...

Murkilla Trailer

11 years ago #94 most linked this week in all categories.


11 years ago

A video of me displaying what it is like to be a GM / Admin on your own private server or someone elses. links to choose from/ join; mirandaswow.createforu...

Depths Of Hades Private Server

11 years ago

A Completely free Burning Crusade Private server, you don't even need Burning crusade to join, just the original World Of Warcraft This is Mirandas private server, it is known as Depths...