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Best TV News Bloopers Fails 2017

2 weeks ago

A collection of the best TV news bloopers fails.

Best BBC News Bloopers 2017

3 weeks ago

A collection of best BBC News bloopers from 2017.

Best Star Wars News Bloopers

1 month ago

A collection of the best Star Wars news bloopers that will make you laugh.

Try Not To Cringe #4

2 months ago

Try Not To Cringe #4.

Reporter Rants About Lack Of Black Friday Shoppers

2 months ago

WNDU reporter Josh Short woke up at 3 am on Friday morning to head to a mall in Mishawaka, Indiana to report on the Black Friday crowds. But when he arrived, he did not find those crowds and...

Bus Photobomb Blocks The Weather Channel During Georgia Dome Demolition

2 months ago

The Weather Channel was all set to provide those unable to witness the implosion of the Georgia Dome in person with footage of the event on Monday. Unfortunately for the cameraman, a MARTA...

Reporter Falls Off Chair

2 months ago

Cameron Fontana was wrapping up his reporter for WTTE's Good Day Columbus and decided to exit the news set stage left.

Try Not To Cringe #3

2 months ago

Try Not To Cringe #3.

Weather Reporter vs. Guinness World Record for Balloon Popping

2 months ago

Weather reporter attempts to break the Guinness World Record of most balloons burst by sitting in 60 seconds.


2 months ago


News Anchor's Contagious Laughter

3 months ago

This funny clip of a weather reporter laughing will give you the LOLs right now.

Try Not To Cringe #2

3 months ago

Try Not To Cringe #2.

News anchor’s World's Hottest Chip Challenge goes terribly wrong #OneChipChallenge

3 months ago

News anchor Natalie Tysdal eats spicy chip, drinks coffee, and the rest is news blooper history! Natalie Tysdal proves hot chips CAN be HOT. Watch and keep watching Natalie's worst reaction...

Reporter Doesn't Know He Is On TV (News Blooper)

3 months ago

Reporter doesn't know he is on tv.

Reporter Puddle of Water News Blooper

3 months ago

Funny moment when reporter gets splashed with a puddle of water.

Cat Upstages Reporter

3 months ago

While doing a report on a large cat in the area, a reporter turns around to find a funny cat in the very spot the large cat was spotted.

Weather Reporter Does Funny Halloween Dance | Funny Local News Blooper

3 months ago

Weather reporter does the funniest Halloween dance ever!

BBC News Camera FAIL Blooper

3 months ago

BBC News has another camera fail in this news blooper.

Reporters Laugh At People Waiting For Super Nintendo Classic

3 months ago

Reporters laugh at people waiting for Super Nintendo Classic at Best Buy news blooper.

Reporter Saves News Blooper with New England Patriots Joke

3 months ago

Reporter saves news blooper with a football joke about the New England Patriots.

Chicken Farmer Laughs Like A Chicken

4 months ago

Chicken farmer laughs like a chicken.