Burning Man as a backdrop for a comedic docudrama. Then watch: After the Honeymoon (at Burning Man) Ends - https://youtu.be/7TKe6UmQxe0 Part First-Time-Burner's Guide, Newlywed Travelogue, Spectacle and Cautionary Tale... Princess Mati took her new husband and a camera crew to an annual bohemian art festival in the high desert of Nevada attended by thousands for a week and never returned. It took the producers six years to turn what was basically a collection of home movies into a finished film complete with music and all. The initial plan had been to capture the enlightening experience of radical self-expression and share it with the world, but the footage showed a different tale. Was their love and sanity just no match for the desert, the revelers and the extremes that comprise Burning Man? She left a note, a disclaimer of sorts, which may be a clue as to what became of her: 'Mark and I wrote the proposal for this film as a JOB. We are film makers, but for those of you who actually know me, know that I did not film any of the sacred moments that make Burning Man for real. I did not try to capture the energy of Burning Man, I had to keep my clueless camera crew away from my sacred friends so that I did not capture Burning Man. There are ethics, and you people see a very one sided forced perspective of us. It was intense.' - Aurora Matahari Raiment Viewer comments include [edited for clarity and spoilers]: Just for counterpoint, we include a thoughtful and measured dissenter who describes what he thinks he knows about Burning Man: 'A buncha hippy-druggie-loser bool-sheet. PASS' - SuperHyperSnarky (look for him on the playa!) 'This is one of the most amazing documentaries of the experiences I've had at BM. So hard to explain, but this is the closest I've come. Such a blur, explained, sort of. This goes beyond the tip of the iceberg.' - Ann S. 'This [is] like the found footage/Blair Witch at Burning Man movie I didn't know I wanted till I saw it, no idea why it took me so long to get round to watching it.... You should do a director's commentary....' - Mark D. '...This may not [have] been the art that Mati wanted to create but it[] is art. It made me feel and that is all that is necessary. Also a great counter to all the other videos of burning man that depict only the happy shiny parts of it.' - Paul B. '...thank you so much for sharing this vid [it's] more 'real' than anything else I've yet seen on burning man[:] the good[,] the bad, ugly and beautiful and the lesson.' - Marc A. '...You rarely get to see the real moments in a person's life on film. The fact that it is so organic despite the artists of the group pulling it so many ways is really fascinating to me. I loved Mati's spirit, Mark's struggles, the cameramen's sass....it was just a very interesting snapshot of Burning Man.' - Tsarla S. 'This is an amazing piece of work. It delves deeply into the moods and emotional swings of two people who were never meant for each other on any continual basis...I loved every minute of it.' - johnnyohness 'In summation: this is like National Geographic on Crystal Meth.' - Greg B. San Diego Film Festival Official Selection (by invitation) External reviews include: 'Hippie Sociopaths: A Review of Beyond Belief: Honeymoon at Burning Man' [Drew Mead] [from the description] 'The odd, often confounding footage of a narcissistic borderline sociopathic couple as they fight to be the center of attention among the awe inducing sights and sounds of The Burning Man.' [from the review] 'The main thing that I liked about this film is it kind of [shows] the true side of these two individuals that they didn't want you to know.' 'They're spoiled c*nts...[and] make me feel like a perfect individual for not being like that.' 'Everything for these two is performance art...they're not acting, but they are acting. They're actors in their own life.' 'I almost would be afraid of these people with the amount of sociopathy that they show.' 'I enjoyed watching this footage--I'm not really sure if I'd call it a documentary or a film or what...I think it's an enjoyable little film to check out...I recommend you do so.' 'I'm very curious to see what kind of other projects Geoffrey Bennett Ulrich will come up with...he's got some talent, for sure, because he was able to edit this thing into something coherent because I imagine this was a big mess when he got it into his hands.' http://b-isforbest.net/2014/12/06/hippie-sociopaths-a-review-of-beyond-belief-honeymoon-at-burning-man/ Other links: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1342832/ http://www.HoneymoonAtBurningMan.com http://www.gravenimagefilms.com/ http://burningman.com/ And check out the poems the co-directors used to perform together at the producer's open mic nights: http://www.deathhousepress.com/concad.html © 2009 Graven Image Films, LLC

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