Full Length Feature Film, Entire Movie, Full Movie, Full Length Feature Film, Classic Movie, English, Original Language. Taylor Starks and his co-workers, all aspiring actors, toil in a Los Angeles restaurant while 'waiting' for their big break. Cast: Derik Wingo, Lorrainne Petersen, Scott Vogel Director: Derik Wingo Certification: International Independent Film & Video Festival, New York, 2001: Best Actor Storyline: after achieving his happily ever after then losing it, Taylor (Derik Wingo) is now working as a waiter in a fancy restaurant, waiting for his next big break. He had money, fame, and the girl of his dreams, but lost it all. Now cynical and bolstered by the other would-be performers who nightlight as waiters, cooks, and bartenders at the restaurant, Taylor attempts to recapture his old dream—and this time hang onto it. Copyright: Echelon Studios, Inc.

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