Rod McKuen in “Wild Heritage” (1958) [Complete movie] Plot Summary / Korte inhoud: Charles F. Haas directs this saga of two families travelling West by covered wagon. The Breslins and the Bascombs face a variety of trials as they make their way across the frontier, particularly when Jake Breslin (Paul Birch) is shot by a pair of gunmen, Arn and Jud. With the encouragement of Judge Copeland (Will Rogers Jr.) and a kindly cowboy (Casey Tibbs), the families carry on and set up their homesteads. Then it's up to young bucks Dirk Breslin (Rod McKuen) and Jesse Bascomb (Troy Donahue) to save their kin when they're attacked again by Arn and Jud and their gang. Cast / Rolverdeling: Will Rogers Jr. Judge Copeland Maureen O'Sullivan Emma Breslin Rod McKuen Dirk Breslin Casey Tibbs Rusty, Trail Boss Judi Meredith Callie Bascomb Troy Donahue Jesse Bascomb George Winslow Talbot Breslin Gigi Perreau Missouri Breslin Gary Gray (I) Hugh Adam David Breslin Jeanette Nolan Ma (Janet) Bascomb Paul Birch Jake Breslin John Beradino Arn, Rustler Phil Harvey (I) Jud, Rustler Lawrence Dobkin Josh Burrage Stephen Ellsworth Bolivar Bascomb

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